The Local Heroes of Putra Mars Football School

Mursid Syidan, a former JFC junior player, returned as a hero for the youngsters in early 2009. Mursyid Syidan was a student of sports education at Sebelas Maret University in Solo. He encouraged his three pals to make Putra Mars Football School their last fieldwork practise location.

Putra Mars Football School had only two balls. The first ball had been an unnamed coach's ball. Barep Wahyu delivered the second ball. Mursyid and his companions then launched the purchase of two balls with their own money. Some of the youngsters voluntarily contributed Rp 500 (about $0.05) each to purchase the balls.

The fieldwork practise expired at the end of 2009. On the other hand, Mursyid Syidan, Iwan Kurniawan, and Pelita remained. Nanang Bejo, a Jungke peasant, was summoned to aid the coaches. "They (the kids) were like my little brothers; that is why I stayed," Mursid Syidan explained.

Distance Coaching

Barep Wahyu, on the other hand, has played for PSS Sleman, a Yogyakarta club. Due to his training schedule as a team goalie, Barep was unable to immediately assist the Putra Mars children. He was fortunate to have his younger brother, Nuri Agus Wibowo, a Putra Mars youngster. He occasionally delivered coaching instructions via Nuri's phone.

Barep earned enough money as a PSS Sleman player to sponsor Putra Mars Football School. At the time, Putra Mars Football School's finances were not a major concern. Barep would occasionally invite the youngsters to his house for lunch. The training sessions drew a large number of children. "We had 160 kids in our school database, which was a record," Barep explained.

Barep was demoted from his regular first-team spot in 2011 due to poor performance. The club's administration then refused to renew Barep's contract, and he left. It had a negative influence on Putra Mars Football School, particularly in terms of financial assistance. Barep was taken aback, yet he was able to help the children.