The Introduction of Putra Mars Football School and Tom Byer Japanese Balls

Social media serves as an international link. A distant country football school, for example, was able to contact the Japanese Youth Football Guru, Tom Byer.

On April 21, 2012, Tom Byer gave 20 balls to the SSB (Sekolah Sepak Bola, Football School) Putra Mars kids from Japan through YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The balls were presented to the children and coaches at the Jungke football field in Karanganyar, Central Java. There was a reason Tom Byer's balls were delivered.

It was not a proper football academy. The coaches and the youngsters were bursting with vigour. For the last seven years, the coaches have not requested daily or monthly training charges from the children. In addition, the coaches used their funds to cover football school expenditures such as competition trophies, tournament supplies, mineral water, transportation payments, and shirts.

We divided the article into many parts, the first of which is presented here. The Putra Mars Football School will be introduced.

The Putra Mars Chronicles

Putra Mars Football School's roots began with a small club called Jungke FC (JFC). Jungke FC was a local club headquartered in Karanganyar's Jungke village football field that was founded in 2004. 

Almost all of the JFC players were recruited from the village. Putra Mars Football School coaches Barep Wahyu and Mursyid Syidan were both junior players at JFC.

After a few months, the majority of JFC players were bored. Until 2005, the club was completely dormant. Some JFC players planned to resurrect the club in 2005. Edo Bodro, a local, proposed renaming the team "Mars FC."

A year later, an unnamed coach arrived at the Jungke football field. He assembled Jungke village children and taught them football after obtaining permission. He brought goals, cones, and balls with him. After hearing about the coach's efforts, the villagers, including Barep Wahyu, decided to help the football school. The Putra Mars Football School was established in 2006.

The nameless coach left Jungke village suddenly. He moved to a large city. The football school was closed, and the children received no coaching. However, a few children continued to play football in the Jungke football field without shoes.

In 2007, Pebe, a former JFC player, was summoned by this circumstance. Then he became a coach at Putra Mars Kids. Unfortunately, Pebe was too preoccupied to deal with it. In addition to coaching, Pebe had a primary job. The children were neglected once more. On the other hand, Barep Wahyu began his football career with Persebi Boyolali, a club in Central Java.