Inspirational Empowerment of the Football Grassroots of Central Java

Everyone, including Barep Wahyu, has motivations. "When we are football players, we can travel by plane," Barep explained. To be honest, he stated that flying is one of his main motivations as a football player. He informed the youngsters about his aviation motivation. 

"You have a football player's dream; do not be too proud to watch football in a stadium; you must participate in the game," one of Barep's motivations for the kids was highlighted."Look at coach Mursid Syidan and his friends; they have trained all of you for free; you have to work really hard," Barep stated to the youngsters of Putra Mars Football School.

Self-subsistent School

Following the condition, all of the coaches began to reinvest their funds in the school. Mursid Syidan covered practically all of the costs. Mursid Syidan, fortunately, found work in a bank after graduating. Mursid Syidan's only days off from work are Saturday and Sunday. As a result, he only coached the children on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, he coordinated training with Barep and other instructors on Tuesday and Thursday.

"He was dedicated, he looked for tournament information, and he tried to register Putra Mars with his money first," Barep explained. With their money, the other coaches helped pay back the tournament costs.

As is customary, several of the children voluntarily paid Rp 500 ($0.05) each to cover the tournament fee. It relied on their parents if the children added more than Rp 500. "The tournament fee was Rp 150.000 (approximately $16), and the coaches and kids pooled their resources to gain match experience," Barep explained.

The voluntary funds were used not just for tournament fees, but also for additional costs. It all comes down to transportation, car fuel, and mineral water. The youngsters rode their bikes to the competition because it was a short distance. For the lengthy journey, the coaches requested a favour from their village neighbours. Barep explained that a neighbour had a pick-up truck, so they asked him to escort the kids and paid for the fuel.

We competed in a competition at Sragen. It was far enough away for a car, or perhaps a bike. Mursid Syidan was realistic in his demands for prizes. "We attempted to attend the competition." "We did not win any games there, but we cheered for every goal scored," Mursid explained.