Seger Waras FC was eliminated for lack of finishing and squad inequality

Seger Waras FC must accept Kang Tarso FC's supremacy in the last sixteen matches of the 2022 Mbogo Cup campaign. On Monday, July 31, 2022, the mini soccer tournament match was successfully organized at Mbogo Talpitu Field in Karangpandan, Karanganyar.

Acknowledge Excellence

Seger Waras FC, from Gedong, Karanganyar, encountered a formidable opponent from Harjosari village, Karangpandan, Kang Tarso. Sutarso, the village chief of Harjosari, owns the club. Aris Wisnu Saputro, the general chairman of Seger Waras FC, recognized that his opponent deserved to win.

Kang Tarso FC is praised by the owner of the Seger Waras alternative medicine center. "It was a difficult game, but I acknowledge that Kang Tarso FC deserved to win," Aris stated.

"Because their defense is incredibly disciplined and their offense is really effective," Aris explained. The game began about 7:30 p.m. local time. Seger Waras FC's lineup included goalkeeper Eko Kamaru, Azka Peloh, Suwarno, Muklis Eka Saputra, Dani Simanjuntak, Manggala, and Ariyanto.

Finishing touches.

With ball possession, Seger Waras FC attempts to balance off his opponent. The club, which was formed only this year, attempted to press and attempt shots, but none of them were successful in getting inside the opponent's goal.

Kang Tarso's skillful play cost Seger Waras three goals in the first half. Kang Tarso scored one goal in the second half to secure a spot in the final eight.

"It has been shown that four goals were lodged in our goal and that we did not shoot on aim," Aris added. Kang Tarso excels at generating and executing good scoring chances.

Injuries and Booking

Muklis was sent off at the conclusion of the second half after receiving two yellow cards. "He was inflamed by his emotions," Aris revealed. "When I asked him, he informed me that he was being heated by the opposing side, who seemed to underestimate him."

Manggala, the first-match goal scorer, suffered a slight injury in this match. "The condition of Manggala, who was hit by a knee in the solar plexus after a clash with the goalie, is good," he said.

Fortunately, Aris has an experience as an injury therapist, thus the condition is manageable. "After a few minutes of relaxation, he was still able to resume the game; proper care when a player is hurt is critical," he added.

Inequality within the squad.

Seger Waras FC's defeat against Kang Tarso was caused by the squad from Gedong's inequity. According to reports, Kang Tarso fielded their finest players, including some experienced players from Karanganyar Regency's Porprov Futsal squad.

However, numerous Seger Waras FC players were forced to miss the game. Aris Wisnu revealed that the three key players were unable to attend the game that night. "Abdul Salam Manihuruk is still out with a knee injury from the first match," he said of the former Persis Solo and Madiun Putra midfielder.

Another key player, Asep Widodo, missed the match because it clashed with another tarkam encounter. "Diva is also missing since she is taking part in field work practice," Aris explained.

Legal Practitioner Support.

MSJC Apparel, Seger Waras FC's jersey sponsor, actively supported the match that night. Furthermore, Seger Waras had moral support from Mr. Joni Wahyudi S.H., who remains in the official seat even when the team loses.

Following the tough game, the legal practitioner from Karanganyar took the entire squad to supper. "When we got home, he treated the entire squad, and of course, we greatly appreciated the invitation," Aris ended.

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