UNI Bandung West Java SSB in Indonesia Producing National Team Players and Persib Bandung

Back on our channel, Ligaindonesia.my.id, this time we will discuss one of the best SSBs in Indonesia. Curious to know that one of the provinces that produces reliable soccer players is the province of West Java, especially the city of Bandung. Well, one of the teams is in the city of Bandung and actually the team has been around for a long time, maybe you can search, yes, this team was founded in what year. The name is Uni Bandung, we will immediately share, I think this SSB used to be a legendary club, then in the end it became SSB.

Players who were raised by the UNI Bandung. Maybe I will mention a few and if there are other names, you can definitely look for them. But the names are quite a lot, for example, there are Yusuf Bachtiar, then Krisnandar Sundoro, Adeng Hudaya, then there is also Yaris Riyadi, striker Zainal Arif and Eka Ramdani with Atep Rizal, they are from the UNI Bandung. There is also player and coach Heri Kiswanto who knows Deni Syamsudin. Then there is Deden M Nasir and Dedi Kusnandar Febri Haryadi, whose career has skyrocketed in the current era. RA Marzuki Ibrahim Aji and Ferdiansyah. The majority of the players produced by the

Bandung UNI have at least played at Persib Bandung and they have finally traveled the world. Maybe not all of them, but of course you know that across generations, not only Febri Haryadi's generation, but those of you who are a bit older, you know because his name is Zainal Arif or even older, there is Krisnandar Sundoro or Yaris Riyadi. So there it all comes from one of the legendary clubs in the city of Bandung, namely Uni Bandung. 

Maybe you have to remember that, yes, for example, you know that there are great players in Indonesia or great players, for example, outside of Barcelona and La Masia. In Indonesia, in Bandung, there is a really cool club like that, so it's true that football players have been produced there. So, in this video, we will discuss a little from Uni Bandung, later we will share about the best SSB in Indonesia. In the meantime, maybe if you don't want to know yet, if you want to know, now you can just check directly on the website www.ligaindonesia.my.id. Later we will share other information about youth football in Indonesia. Don't forget to like comments and subscribe to sports greetings.

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