Ryu Nugraha: Indonesia Goalie in J League 3 Japan

Hello guys, welcome back to our channel LigaIndonesia.MY.ID. This time I will discuss about one of the players who actually was in the J-League or competition in Japan before Pratama Arhan who he played in Tokyo Verdy. Who else if not Ryu Nugraha. Ryu Nugraha is a different case from Pratama Arhan, who is indeed an Indonesian child. Ryu Nugraha has parents, especially a father who is an Indonesian citizen and his mother is Japanese and he was born in Japan too. So, according to the information I got, Ryu Nugraha is currently defending the Nagano Parceiro club, a member of the J League J3, so J3, huh. So if Pratama Arhan is at the top of the league, he is in competition number 3, so in division 3 he plays for Nagano Parceiro, a club in Nagano. So earlier in the year before 2022 he had played at Fukui United because he was loaned out by Nagano Parceiro. So because he is still a young player, he is still 22 years old, young enough to become a goalkeeper. So, according to the info, it actually happened at Fukui United, the fifth caste of Japanese football. He has played once for Fukui United in the Emperor's cup or Emperor Cup and he has also played in regional competitions. Well, this is what we want later in the session after this we will discuss how come Ryu Nugraha didn't play in Why didn't he even play there. Even though he actually has potential, if for example he appears in the J League like Pratama Arhan, of course we must already have a stock of goalkeepers right so there are goalkeepers who have developed abroad like Ryu Nugraha. So, that's more or less, okay? We'll continue to find out how Ryu Nugraha did his work in Nagano . We'll see in the next video. Before that, don't forget to like, comment and subscribe to get other story videos about football in Indonesia and abroad, don't forget to access it, we have a special section called tarkam londo, so it's an international tarkem competition, but it's presented in English, okay, greetings sports.

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