PES 2021 Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest 2023

well a very good evening to you on what is pretty close to an ideal evening for football. re is barely a cloud evidence. world and his wife have got a great length to be here for a match of great consequence and massive interest in. se parts barely a breath of wind so. football has no excuses for not being at its very best. teams I know are pumped for this. y are fantastic scenes in. stands. re is a great sense of drama here a great sense of excitement and expectation this must be amongst. favorite Arenas of supporters all over. world it really does have a very special feel to it it does seem to be a 433 D well a system promoted by. rise of toal football Peter. Wider players in. front three are key operators in how it all works on and off. ball. y have to provide for. central striker of course and protect. ir fullback so. y'll get few brea. rs if. se two don't make a good impression. re are quite good replacements on. bench so it's way we go. n so Jim tell me this who are you looking for in particular here yeah cayor Navas he could make all. difference because he's such an excellent shot stopper it's not just a matter of reflexes though it's. way he spreads his body in front of. ball preventing Strikers from getting a sight at goal he also hardly ever makes an error and that's precious for a goalkeeper quite no argument for me on that one tries to get it Forward quickly thoden tries to stroke it through and. keeper in command just to point out Peter that fullbacks are quite high and what do. y try to achieve well it's obviously a move to push um. opposition WID men back and and give. m and that's a hit it's missed but by that far good effort very good effort he would have at least wanted to make. keeper work. go JoJo Shelby than to switch. play W has a pop foden over to. left gets. better of his man lingard forward it goes xia Canelo cuts it out Ruben Dias de Bry prish now it's. Bry and. shots B Manchester City are certainly a team that knows how to play. ir football as stylishly as you'll see TIY taka at its very best and. y back it up goes deadlock broken it's 1 n surprise surprise he just keeps on delivering and listen we all expect that. big and it's aou jjo sheli Zen gets it back now it's breish breish looks to dink one in fre had a look and he's B his whistle for half time and here we are off. y go for halime. Breakthrough did indeed come in. first half but. re has only been that one goal in was very very fight