PES 2021 Luton Town vs Bristol City PS5 Xbox PC Gameplay Longplay

out for a throw this defense just doesn't trust itself to to play a higher line frighten the people getting in behind yeah absolutely it just opens up the opportunity of not only striking oh c shoots wh is gone that's a . foul. it up field maras just giv away a free . kick Tres his look oh just lacked a decent finish that was good defensive pressure to give him less maneuvering room. Wells forward it . goes not much subtlety he's launched himself there strong challenge but well within the gets it back Wells really was well Marshal there because he was denied the opportunity to to turn joa with a delicate. ball ni to get it Forward . quickly. goyos ball through needs to be good here tries a shot and yes it's there into the lead once more well you know thinking about that I think they've perfected that on the training ground because it took them seconds to get the ball from back to front and they really commit forward and numbers to is all very well. drilled we have got changes here from both sides in fact yeah it's pretty obvious as to who was going to be taken off his energy levels began to to Sag and he was never going to last until the final whistle well this is what we've been waiting for oh this is fully deserved for me because they've show great heart and spirit it's there to win from here or there I say throw it away now he's C through has a hit this is good ball retention and it should be enough for here but they want to double their . advantage he's left his man tries to swing it in look with time running out they have to get the ball in the Penalty Box and if it means a long punt then still be it they've got to give themselves a. chance sh goal in it goes two ahead late in the day game over surely really outwitted one-onone once more he gets the better of the keeper well he always had the measure of the keeper there such confidence and . composure . two up and very little time left surely this is it well some fans are already on their way out so that to me says everything . Peter Redmond and that's that so they bask in their win a genuinely professional performance and the result which is well deserved so Tim how do you reflect on what we've seen look this is a team that doesn't look as.