Newcastle United vs Liverpool Second Half English Premier League PES 2021

Newcastle United vs Liverpool | Second Half English Premier League | PES 2021 Gameplay 2023 it's the start of the second half first 45 minutes didn't deliver as we'd hoped lots of effort but a lack of quality with finishing his left is it looking at someone gets there talking to do something a little more magical Alexander Arnold uh just brushed off the ball there Muhammad shapes the suits oh and they really should have been made to pay break out here. no that's not the ball he wanted he'll build the store and we're just about done beautifully frustrating game sport they could break here you sack just get the pass he's looking for it's on the end of it but it's wrestled off the ball kellerhardt plays it forward. to the left really good feet laid out to the right he's got away Newcastle showing a good level of intensity at this stage they're calling on all their resources now and he's searching through well both sides here although there's still a chance for one last fling. and here's the chance to counter added time is up and there goes the whistle and stalemate one if not for fans then perhaps for coaches Satisfied by organization and solidity The Cutting Edge of being rude Hey kid don't ever let them get inside your head they'll tell you what to do in life instead of everything you know that you could get don't let them guide your life towards your grand I'll fight for what I love with every breath my past is filled with things I won't forgetso treat the worst of times just like a test if only I could go back in time I tell myself that everything will end up alright just push yourself test yourself figure out what you like and find your limits don't be rigid always work towards a prime surround yourself with open minds people can't change your life a few friends tank can help you feel alive find a passion take some action and with a little time.