Follow English Premier League! History of Greek League, Bagus Kahfi, Asteras Tripolis

Back on our channel LigaIndonesia.My.ID channel. This time we are discussing one of the leagues in Europe which is a place for Bagus Kahfi, now how is he playing at the club now called Asteras Tripolis. So the Greek Super League has a story that is actually not smooth sailing.

Football is a sport that is quite popular in Greece. Therefore, football, football competition has a very strong fanbase according to a scientific journal article entitled Soccer & society written by Christos Anagnostopoulos and Benoit Senaux from Coventry University.

The two researchers explained how the transformation of Greek football led to a competitive competition. They want to be like the English Premier League. In 2016, clubs in Greece, about 16 clubs, came together to form a league body called the Greek Super League or the Greece Super League. 

There is a reason for this, so why is it like that? This is because in the past, the competition before the Greek Super League, the competition was too monotonous. According to the information we got, it turned out that success was only owned by three clubs. Then, of the approximately 35 clubs that have played in the top division since 2000 alone, only 11 teams have subscribed to the top 5.

These clubs continue to qualify for the UEFA competition to become the Champion League and below as well. Those were the 3 clubs that became giants in the Greek League namely Olympiakos, Panathinaikos and AEK.

Those are the three Greek giants, Bagus Kahfi's club is not in the top three. They are always in the top 5. So the three clubs are always in the top 5 and only PAOK occasionally enters that circle. who occasionally enter the circle. He seeks to be part of the top four. Another problem is that it is too geographically concentrated. The clubs in Greece according to information.

He saw how the geographical concentration of clubs in Greece for a decade was limited to that. So indeed in the 2003/2004 season, more than three quarters of the football clubs that participated in the top Greek League only came from Athens and Thessaloniki. So the clubs are around both areas. So all of the two regions gathered together, so it was like outside the two regions no one entered. This is quite natural because the two regions are home to around 40 percent of the national population of Greeks. Greek citizen.

Therefore, there are two reasons. The first is because the league is indeed monotonous, the second is because it is too geographically concentrated. We will continue these two reasons later. What is the history of the Greek League. Maybe we can learn a lot about how the Greek League is trying to catch up to become a competitive league in Europe. 

The league they are after is not half-hearted in the English Premier League. In your opinion, is it appropriate for Bagus Kahfi's League to be called a League which can be said to be a pilot model imitating the English Premier League. Maybe you guys can comment on this claim. Okay, don't forget to like comment and subscribe to get the next football videos, come back with me later with Mas Doctor. Greetings sports.

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