History of Persija Jakarta, the legendary club of the capital of the country

Persija, an Indonesian professional football club, was founded in 1928 under the name Voetbalbond Boemipoetera. Currently playing in the 1st League of Indonesia under the nickname Kemayoran Macan, Persija Jakarta holds the largest number of titles in Indonesia, with 9 United-era championships and 2 Indonesia Professional League-era titles. The club participated in the formation of the Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI in 1930 and is considered the most unprecedented club in Indonesian football history.

The club's history includes the names of national heroes M.H. Thamrin and Habib Ali Kwitang. In 1951, VBO, a Persijan parallel organization, dissolved and merged with Persija. The friendship triangle tournament between the Indonesian nation and the Netherlands and China was played on the BVC Southern Merdeka field in Jakarta.

VIJ Stadium, founded in Brotherland by Soeri and Allie, is the first field in Persija. The Jakarta Athletics League Stadium (IKADA) is the second stadium in Persija, which used to be the Indonesian national team's stadium. Legendary Persijan players such as Tan Liong Houw, Tjoa Wim Pie, Kwiee Kiat Sek, Van der Vin, Thio Him Tjiang, Chris Ong, Djamiat Dalhar, and Soetjipto Soentoro have played and competed at IKADA Stadium.

Persija, a football club, gained its own stadium in Menteng, Indonesia, in 1961, which was formerly named VIOS Stadium. The stadium was later renamed the Stadium of Persija, or Menteng. Persija played in the state championship four times, but the memorial stadium collapsed in 2006. The stadium was later moved to the Sanggrahan Stadium of Pelita Jaya, known as the Stadium of Lebak Bulus. The stadium was filled with over 25,000 Mania Jacks, causing the Bulus Squad to be dissolved.

Persija also had headquarters at Sanggrahan Stadium in Pelita Jaya, known for its Jakmanian ranks. The stadium was moved to the Gelora Bang Karno Main Stadium in 2001 and 2018, and the stadium was later moved to the Chandrabhaga Patriot Stadium, Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Pakansari Stadium, and PTIK Stadium for the 2017 Premier League and 2018 Premier League.

The Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) is now nearing completion, accommodating about 82,000 spectators and featuring three levels of stands, VIP stands, and disabled stands. The Persija Fans Club, also known as Jakmania, is the largest fanatic and supporter group of Persija Jakarta.

Source: Wikipedia